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A Message From the Mayor

Headshot of Mayor WashingtonWelcome, Visitors!

Welcome to the great City of Salem!  A city full of rich history, great architecture, and a prominent future.

Salem City is located along the Salem River, with access to water and upgraded rail ways to support current and future industrial growth. Salem City occupies 2.8 square miles of residential, retail, commercial, and industrial community with great opportunities for private investment and city wide development.

Our City mission is to foster community pride that allows our residents to be active participants in the strategic, substantive and sustainable enhancement of resident’s quality of life, as the governing body stimulates citywide growth by demonstrating competent business savvy, transparent and trust worthy leadership and a commitment to delivering excellence in service.

Salem City is a reflection of the best Salem County and the State of New Jersey have to offer.  We look forward to you getting to know Salem City and invite you to make our home your home.

Mayor Charles Washington, Jr.

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A Q&A has been assembled to address recent discussions and concerns about the conditions of some of the properties in the City.

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2021 Leaf Pickup Schedule
October 25th through December 17th


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Ground-Breaking News

The City of Salem has been chosen as the FIRST city in the state to receive help formulating and implementing a jobs-based redevelopment plan.

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The Salem Oak tree while it was still standing
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Latest News & Announcements

Fire Hydrant Flushing

Cartoon of fire hydrant with waterArea fire hydrants will be flushed starting on Nov. 7 and running through Nov. 21 between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

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2021 Leaf Pickup Schedule

October 25th through December 15th Leaves will be picked up from the curb on the following days of the week. If route is not completed, it will be finished the next day, time and weather permitting. Please do not rake leaves into the gutter, rake to the curb line...

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