City Council

Council Members

2024 Common Council Committees

(General Admin Duties, Finance, Contract Negotiations, Grants, Personnel)
Sharen Cline (Chair), Earl Gage, Vaughn Groce, Sharon Kellum

Public Safety
(Police Affairs, Fire Services, Office of Emergency Management, Ambulance)
Vaughn Groce (Chair), Tim Gregory, Earl Gage, Sharen Cline

Public Works
(Water/Sewer Departments, Streets Department)
Ceil Smith (Chair), Cody Loatman, Earl Gage, Vaughn Groce

Neighborhood Initiatives / Parks and Recreation
(Recreation, City Pool, Library, Clean Communities, Parks)
Jamal Long (Co-Chair), Tim Gregory (Co-Chair), Cody Loatman

Economic Development / Community Development (ECDC)
(City Property Issues, Capital Projects, Redevelopment, Housing, Planning and Zoning, Main Street Program, Historical Preservation) 

Sharen Cline (Chair), Tim Gregory, Jamal Long, Ceil Smith

(Review and Revise City Ordinances)
Sharen Cline (Co-Chair), Jamal Long (Co-Chair), Sharon Kellum

(Address Housing issues, Implement City Housing Plan)
Sharen Cline (Chair), Cody Loatman, Jamal Long, Earl Gage/Vaughn Groce

2024 Schedule of City of Salem Common Council Meetings

Council Caucus Meetings

Council Caucus Meetings

Old County Courthouse – 113 Market St, Salem​
(2nd Monday of each month, unless otherwise indicated)

  • 01/08/24
  • 02/12/24
  • 03/11/24
  • 04/08/24
  • 05/13/24
  • 06/10/24
  • 09/09/24
  • 10/15/24 (Tuesday)
  • 11/12/24 (Tuesday) 
  • 12/09/24

Regular Common Council Meetings

Old County Courthouse – 113 Market St, Salem
(3rd Monday of each month, unless otherwise indicated)

  • 01/16/24 (Tuesday)
  • 02/20/24 (Tuesday)
  • 03/18/24
  • 04/15/24
  • 05/20/24
  • 06/18/24 (Tuesday)
  • 07/15/24
  • 08/19/24
  • 09/16/24
  • 10/21/24
  • 11/18/24
  • 12/16/24

All meetings begin at 6:30 PM

The aforementioned meeting schedule shall remain in effect until amended by the Common Council. Notice of Special Meetings of the Common Council of the City of Salem shall be forwarded to the South Jersey Times, and Elmer Times which have been designated as the official newspapers of the Common Council, at least 48 hours prior to such meetings being held. Public Notice of any such meetings shall also be posted at the City of Salem Annex Building, 17 New Market Street, at least 48 hours prior to any special meetings being held. All meetings shall be held in accordance with N.J.S.A. 10:4-12 the Open Public Meetings Act.

Minutes & Agendas

Please note: the majority of the documents contained on this page are PDFs and may not be readable by Screen Readers as many been scanned in, for example, to display legal signatures. Any resident using a Screen Reader may contact the office to inquire about receiving readable, non-scanned copies.





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