Street Sweeper Schedule

The schedule is always contingent on the weather conditions.
The sweeper will operate from 6 AM to 12 Noon.

Residents are directed to move their vehicles off the street when your street is scheduled for cleaning.

First and Third Monday
Fifth Street, South Third, Fourth Street, Ward Street, Gibbon Street, Pledger Street, Miller Street

First and Third Tuesday
Carpenter St., Church St., Hedge St., Sinnickson St., Thompson, Wesley St.

First and Third Wednesday
Eighth St., Ninth Street. Hubble Avenue, North Union St., Johnson St., Seventh St.

First and Third Thursday
Craven Avenue, Eakin St., Fenwick Avenue, Morrison Ave., Walnut Street, Allen Avenue, Olive Street

Second and Fourth Monday
Chestnut Street, Oak St., Elm Street, Linden St., North Elm, Van Meter Terrace, York Street, Hires Avenue

Second and Fourth Tuesday
Davis Ave., Magnolia Street, Hillcrest Terrace, Hires, Grieves Parkway

Second and Fourth Wednesday
No sweeping

Second and Fourth Thursday
Chestnut Terrace, East and West Maple Avenue

Every Friday
Entire length of Broadway, Market St., New Market St, Front Street, Keasbey St, Grant Street, Fifth Street, MLK Park