Request For Proposals: Waterfront Redevelopment Area in the Ward Street Neighborhood

October 5, 2020

The City of Salem (City) is seeking a development partner to serve as the designated redeveloper for a portion of the Waterfront Redevelopment Area in the Ward Street Neighborhood. The City Council serves as the Redevelopment entity for the municipality.

The City is requesting proposals from qualified redevelopers to implement a realistic neighborhood redevelopment project and to construct site improvements if possible, building(s) and parking for property(ies) located in the Ward Street Neighborhood of the Waterfront Redevelopment Project Area (project), between Griffith Street and Howell Street. It is the preference of the City that the site be redeveloped as a thriving mix income neighborhood. Incorporation of sustainability and green building concepts (see “Sustainability Goals/Green Building” section) are encouraged where practical and feasible.

A copy of the Request for Proposals and instructions may be obtained from the City Clerk during business hours by contacting the City Clerk whose information is set forth below.  All letters of interest are due no later than October 30, 2020 and complete proposals are due by November 20, 2020 at 3 P.M.

Organization Requesting Proposal
City of Salem

Contact Person
Ben Angeli, Clerk
17 New Market St.
Salem, New Jersey 08079