Q and A: for the Preservation Plan & Feasibility Study for 67 West Broadway, the Sarah Allen Nicholson House

November 16, 2021

RFP Questions from Consultants
Salem – 67 West Broadway, the Sarah Nicholson Allen House

1. Is an archaeological study required?
No. On the basis of research or site observations, the Plan will make a recommendation, for example, if there are areas of the property that are likely to contain buried material culture that could yield new information about the history of the property.

2. The RFP references a “two-fold purpose for the building.”  Do you envision these purposes happening concurrently or sequentially?  If concurrently, will work on the building be done as part of the preservation trades program, or will it just house a classroom for viewing the restoration work after it has been completed?  Has the City of Salem considered the required measures for safety for exposing floor framing, electrical wiring, installing scaffolding and other demonstration work while operating as a Welcome Center?

3. The RFP references following the HPO publication Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans: A Preparation Guide – Second Edition for the Preservation Plan scope, however, in this Guide, the following items are specifically listed as not being part of a Preservation Plan, and at the same time are not listed in parentheses (suggested sections). Are these all to be considered part of the “Feasibility” component of the Study?:

  1. Code and Accessibility Review
  2. Physical Project Completion Report
  3. Cost Estimate

The checklist in the guide is not specific to this project, but indicates minimum general expectations. Read the narrative sections for more guidance. The scope of this project is determined by the outline in the RFP, which is part of the City’s grant agreement with the NJHPO. Feasibility will have to address code, accessibility, and cost implications of use scenarios. See also #4 below.

4. Does the City of Salem intend that this report will not be “completed” until the Physical Project Completion Report is added?  This could conceivably be much longer than the 8/12/2022 date that indicated on the Schedule listed in the RFP.
No. Refer to p. 24 of the preparation guide. There are no pre-existing reports to be amended to the Plan, and the City will amend any future reports to the Plan. The Plan work must be completed in the time frame stated in the RFP.

5. To what purpose has the Site and Landscape Evaluation (in parenthesis) been listed as a suggested section of text?  Does the City of Salem have an intended use for the exterior?
The City has no specific intended use for the exterior. Follow the cited guidance for this section.

6. Is it understood that the structural analysis will be limited if all calculations are made based solely on the structure which is currently visible, and no destructive testing (as stated in the RFP) is permitted?
Yes. In its current state, the entire first floor framing, and small portions of the second and third floor framing are accessible. However, we expect to be advised during the work if any selective demolition would be necessary to complete the structural evaluation, or how the lack of that would limit the evaluation.

7. Is the purpose of the Maintenance Plan to address the building in its current state until the renovation/preservation work has started
Please include current as well as post-proposed treatment maintenance recommendations.

8. Are reimbursable expenses, such as printing costs, included in the $44,470 project budget?
Yes. The grant amount is the maximum permissible, all-inclusive cost.

9. Are there existing measured drawings or historic documents to be utilized by the selected team?
No, there are no known measured drawings. The only known documentation is the Broadway National Register nomination, which contains an inventory form (attached to the RFP) and brief discussions within the nomination, and two prior cultural resource surveys. Further archival research is up to the Consultant. See #10 below.

10. Is the selected team to conduct primary research into the history of the building, prior studies or treatment efforts, or will this information be supplied to the selected team?
Yes, the Consultant should perform primary and secondary research on the building, human, and contextual histories of the property per the preparation guide. Local repositories (Salem County Historical Society, County Planning Office, County Clerk and Surrogate Offices) will have pertinent documents. There are no known prior studies, but there were some recent treatments that the City and Committee will share from memory. A roof stabilization application is currently under review by the NJHPO and that documentation will be shared.