Request For Proposal – Municipal Grant Consultant

January 8, 2021


DEADLINE: February 3, 2021

Position and Term:

The City of Salem requests proposals from firms interested in serving in the position of “Municipal Grant Consultant” from February 8, 2021 to December 31, 2021; however, service shall be at the pleasure of the City Council and thus may be terminated at any time by the Council prior to December 31st, 2021.

Description of Services:

Serve as grant consultant for the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Salem.  Attend City Council, City Council Committee and/or City Official meetings as requested.  Interface with the City Clerk/Administrator, usually at least weekly.  Keeps the City aware of requirements and opportunities regarding on-going and potentially new grant programs.  Writes grant applications as requested.  Monitors grant compliance as requested.


Compensation shall be based on a professional services contract to be negotiated by the City with the applicant deemed to be most advantageous.

The hourly rate to be charged by the consultant providing the primary services to the City under the Contract shall not exceed $175.00 per hour.  The firm shall be entitled to bill in accordance with a rate schedule that has been reviewed and approved by the City.  In addition, the consultant may be compensated on a “fixed fee basis” for regional, state or federal grant applications which are identified by the consultant and the fee approved by the City.  The Municipal Grant Consultant is also entitled to bill the City for expenses incurred or advanced on behalf of the City in relation to services provided, including extraordinary copying, postage or other expense at the rates customarily charged by the Grant Consultant.

Minimum Requirements:

Minimum of 3 years of experience representing a New Jersey municipality as Municipal Grant Consultant.

Fair and Open Process:

These proposals are being solicited through a fair and open process in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5.  Applicants who meet with the Minimum Requirements for the position as set forth below, and are willing to provide the described services for the disclosed compensation, shall be evaluated on the basis of experience and qualifications as set forth in the criteria described below.

In order to be considered applicants must submit their reply to the Office of the City Clerk at 17 New Market Street, Salem, New Jersey 08079 (phone # 856.935.0372) on or before 11:00 a.m. on February 3, 2021.  At that time and place all proposals received shall be publicly opened and announced by the City Clerk or his designee.

Proposals will thereafter be received by the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Salem, who shall award the contract for the services.  The award of the Contract will be based on the following criteria: (i) responsiveness to the Qualification Evaluation and other required submissions; (ii) general experience and reputation in the field; (iii) specific experience/knowledge of the City of Salem and the subject matter to be addressed under the Contract; (iv) qualifications and experience which most closely match the needs of the City; (v) availability to accommodate meeting and interface requirements with the Mayor and City Council and City Officials for meetings, phone conferences, attendance at events and office consultations; (vi) office resources, including backup staff, which are deemed most adequate to service the needs of the City; and (vii) the applicant who is deemed otherwise most advantageous based on all information submitted or gathered in connection with the proposal.

The City reserves the right to: (i) not select any of the applicants; (ii) require applicants to submit to a personal interview and/or submit additional or clarifying information; (iii) to reject any or all proposals; (iv) to waive any informalities in the proposals; and (v) procure the articles or services from other sources if deemed most advantageous to the objectives of the City.

The City’s determination of the applicant who is most advantageous to the goals and objectives of the City, shall be final and conclusive.

The award of the contract shall be determined by majority vote on a resolution to be read by title at an open public meeting.

No applicant shall influence, or attempt to influence or cause to be influenced, any City Official , Officer or employee to use his/her official capacity in any manner which might tend to impair the objectivity or independence of judgment.  No applicant shall cause or influence, or attempt to cause or influence, any City Official, Officer or employee to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages.

Qualifications Evaluation:

  1. Minimum Requirements.  Please attach resume and/or other documentation demonstrating compliance with the “Minimum Requirements” detailed above.
  2. Please describe your experience with regard to Balanced Housing Program.
  3. Please describe your experience with regard to Small Cities program
  4. Please describe your experience with regard to NJDOT Grant Programs.
  5. Please describe your experience in representing a municipality in relation to redevelopment funding.
  6. Please describe your experience with regard to public/private sector financing for housing and economic development projects.
  7. Please describe whether there is any disciplinary proceedings pending against you in any jurisdiction or whether discipline has been previously imposed against you in any jurisdiction.  If discipline has previously been imposed, state the date, jurisdiction, nature of the ethics violation and the penalty imposed.  If proceedings are pending, specify the jurisdiction, the charges and the likely time of their disposition.
  8. Disclose and describe whether you have ever been sued for malpractice.
  9. Disclose and describe any arrests or convictions against you.
  10. What is the location of your Office?  In Salem City; in Salem County or out of Salem County.
  11. Describe the resources of your office.  Include details of support staff.  Include information on other qualified consultants in your office who would be available to City Officials in the event you were absent or unavailable.