Boards & Comittees


Environmental Authority

Mayoral appointed terms – 3 years & expire Dec 31.

2018 – James Smith
2018 -Chris Davenport
2019 -Janis Crawford
2020 – Ruth Carter
2017 – Charles Hassler
2021 – Earl Gage


Meetings are held Quarterly on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm (January, April, July, October)
Terms are 4 years

2016 – Christopher Colon
2015 – Robert Davis
2014 – Matthew Hassler, Sr.
2014 – Robert Lanard

Historic Preservation

Mayoral appointed terms – 3 years & expire Dec 31.
Meetings – 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.
17 New Market Street

James Smith – Class A
Christopher Davenport – Class B
Ronald Wohlrab – Class A
Kenneth Gralley – Class C
Patricia Beavers – Class B


City Code for Historical Preservation Comm.

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-107 and City Code Section 130-71, the Historic Preservation Commission consists of 5 members appointed by the Mayor for staggered 4 year terms (except that any member who is also a member of the Planning Board shall have a term that is equal to his term on the Planning Board).  Members are divided into three classes:  Class A- a person who is knowledgeable in building design and construction or architectural history and who may reside outside of the City; Class B – a person who is knowledgeable or has a demonstrated interest in local history and who may reside outside of the City; and those regular members who are not designated as Class A or B shall be designated as Class C members all of whom shall be residents of the City who hold no other City  office, position or employment except for membership on the Planning Board.  There may also be not more than two alternate members appointed by the Mayor for 2 year terms who shall meet the qualifications for Class C members.

Shade Tree Commission

Mayoral appointed terms – 5 years & expire Dec 31.

Evelyn Shuman
Beth Davenport
Betsy Davis
Patricia Alson
Cheri Mauer
Jody Veler – Advisor

Public Library

Mayoral appointed terms expire Dec 31.
Meetings are each 3rd Thursday at 4:00 pm.
Phone:  856-935-0526

2021 – Mayor Charles Washington Jr.
2020 – Sharon Kellum
2018 – Lydia Thompson
2014 – Elizabeth Leidolf
2014 – Rebecca Gower
2014 – Anne Lester
2017 – Sharen Cline
2016 – Loretta Zink
2020 – Ruth Carter, Council Liaison

Housing Authority

Meets the 4th Thursday of the month at 5pm
(Except Nov & Dec the 3rd Thursday)
Terms Expire December 31st.

2021 – Katrina Israel Tatum – Mayor’s Appointment
2021 – Mathew Hassler Sr. – Seat 1
2020 – Julian LeFlore – Seat 2
2020 – Gail Walker – Seat 3
2019 – Cathy Lanard  – Seat 4
2017 – Rebecca Gower-Ferguson – Seat 5
Governor’s Appointment – Seat currently open

City Code for Housing Authority

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:12A-17 a Municipal Housing Authority shall consist of 7 Members; 5 to be appointed by the Governing Body; 1 by the Mayor; and 1 by the N.J. Commissioner of Community Affairs (a/k/a/ “Governor’s Appointment”). Term is 5 Years; with terms staggered and dates with vacancies filled for the unexpired term. One member may be an officer or employee of the municipality. Members need not be residents.

Port Authority

Meetings are monthly at 7:00 pm at 109 Fourth Street; Salem, NJ
Terms are for 5 year & expire Jan 31


2019 – Thomas Orsini

Secretary / Treasurer
2016 – Karen Tuthill – 856-935-6380  |

2017 – Aidan Hassler
2018 – James S. Coleman
2020 – William Corbin
2021 – Timothy Gregory Jr.
2017 – Charles Hassler

City Code for Municipal Port Authority

The City of Salem Municipal Port Authority (the “Authority”) was created by a resolution adopted July 12, 1982 by the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Salem (the “City”). The Authority was created to stimulate the economic well-being of its surrounding area; creating employment; attracting industry; and bringing a direct influx of dollars generated by vessels and their cargoes. Its purpose is development and operation of land/water transportation interchange and distribution facilities. It is structured along traditional port authority lines, which enables it to function with private entities in trade, commerce and industry while maintaining and safeguarding the public interest with regards to such activities.

Planning Board

Meets on Thursday after the 3rd Wednesday 6:30
Carol E. Wright, Housing Inspector – 856-935-5510



2021- Mayor Charles Washington, Jr. – Class I 
2021 – James Smith – Class II
2021 – Earl Gage – Class III
2017- Cathy Lanard – Class IV (A) 
2020 – James Dickerson – Class IV (B) 
2020 – Benjamin Ford – Class IV (C)
2017 – William Sumiel – Class IV (D) 


2019 – John Pankok – Class IV (E) 
2019  – Robert Lanard – Class IV (F)
2018- Crystal Walker – Alternate #1 

Alternate #2 – open
Alternate #3 – open
Alternate #4 – open

Planning & Zoning Board FEE SCHEDULE
  1. Conditional use – $150.00
  2. Any required use or sign permit – $50.00
  3. Use variance application – $150.00
  4. Bulk variance application – $150.00
  5. Interpretation of land use ordinance by Planning Board – $150.00
  6. Site plan review – $200.00
  7. Minor subdivision plus – $100.00
    a) Review Fee – $150.00
    b) Inspection Fee – $150.00
  8. Major subdivision (preliminary plan review) five lots or less – $750.00*
    Six or more lots – $1,200.00
  9. Major subdivision (final plan review) plus – $400.00*
    a) Review Fee – $150.00
    b) Inspection Fee – $150.00
  10. Preliminary Site Plan Review plus – $150.00
    a) Review Fee – $150.00
    b) Inspection Fee – $150.00
  11. Final Site Plan Review plus – $150.00
    a) Review Fee – $150.00
    b) Inspection Fee – $150.00
  12. Appeal from Zoning Officer of application for Interpretation of Zoning Ordinance Map or Provisions – $50.00
  13. Appeal to City Council – $50.00
  14. Transcript-original – $2.50 (per page)
    Added copy – $1.00 (per page)
  15. Reapplication – Same as initial application
  16. Zoning Permit – $25.00
  17. Informal Review – $150.00**
  18. Site Plan Waiver – $150.00

ESCROW FUND FEES    *In addition to the application fees set forth see below

  • Major subdivision at preliminary application – $50 per lot but not less than $200.00
  • Major subdivision application for final approval – $50.00 per lot but not less than $200.00
  • For Site plan reviewPreliminary – $400.00.  Final – $400.00
  • Minor subdivision – $150.00

* For those applications where an Environmental Impact Statement I required, there shall be an additional deposit of 500.00 to cover the review and analysis of said impact statement.  The escrow fees established herein may be increased or decreased upon the recommendation of the engineer or legal counsel for the respective boards.  The boards shall also have the authority to waive all or a portion of any application fee required herein when the board makes an affirmative finding that said application is of a non complex nature and that payment of the full application fee would constitute a hardship on the applicant.

** In the event a formal application is made after informal review, the informal review fees shall be credited against any application fees that are required in this schedule.

The inspection and review fees described herein are to be deposited with the Municipal Clerk.  These fees shall be maintained in a separate escrow account as shown in the trust fund section of the municipal accounts.  The amount of money to be deposited shall be the greater of the amount described above or four (5%) percent of the estimated cost of all improvements required as a condition of subdivision or site plan approval which estimate shall be made by the municipal engineer.  Upon the recommendation of the municipal engineer or municipal solicitor, the required escrow may be increased if it appears that there shall be insufficient funds to pay the necessary review and inspection fees.  Any funds remaining in the escrow account upon completion of the proposed development shall be returned to the developer.

Note regarding Certificates of Occupancy and the Sale of Properties

The City of Salem DOES NOT require a Certificate of Occupancy (“C/O”) be obtained prior to the transfer of title to real property.
However, a new owner will NOT be permitted to occupy, or allow  or suffer the property to be occupied UNTIL a valid inspection is performed and a valid C/O is obtained. There is no legal requirement that the Buyer acknowledge this legality in advance. However, as a Seller, it would be in your best interest to notify the BUYER as to the existence of this information.

If the Salem City Housing Office determines that a property is being occupied WITHOUT a current and valid C/O, a complaint will be filed in municipal court against the CURRENT owner of the property.  Please feel free to contact the housing office if you have any questions or need any further information.

City Code for Planning Board

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-23 and City Code Section 130-6, the Planning Board shall consist of 9 members, divided into four “classes” of membership as follows: Class I – the Mayor or his designee in the absence of the Mayor the term of this member shall correspond to the Mayor’s term of office with the term being one year or the expiration of term of office; Class II – a member appointed by the Mayor who is “one of the officials of the City” with the term being one year or the expiration of term of office; Class III – a member of the City Council to be appointed by the City Council with the term being one year or the expiration of term of office; and Class IV – shall be 6 residents of the City appointed by the Mayor, who hold no City Office or employment except that one Class IV member may be a member of the Board of Education; and one Class IV member shall be a member of the Environmental Commission.  The term of the Class IV members shall be 4 years with initial appointments designed to create staggered terms among the Class IV members. There may be up to 4 “Alternate” members of the Planning Board appointed by the Mayor for terms not in excess of two years.


2019 Committees Common Council

Administration (General Admin Duties, Finance, Contract Negotiations, Grants, Personnel)
Karen Roots (Chair), Earl Gage (Vice Chair) William Corbin, Ruth Carter

Public Safety (Police Affairs, Fire Services, Office of Emergency Management, Ambulance)
Earl Gage (Chair), Ruth Carter (Vice Chair), Karen Roots, Vaughn Groce

Public Works (Water/Sewer Departments, Streets Department)
Vaughn Groce (Chair), Earl Gage (Vice Chair), Karen Roots, James Smith

Community Services / Neighborhood Initiatives (Recreation, City Pool, Library, Clean Communities)
Karen Roots (Chair), William Corbin (Vice Chair), Ruth Carter, Timothy Gregory

Human Services (Department of Inspections and Permits)
William Corbin (Chair), Earl Gage (Vice Chair), Sharon Kellum, Timothy Gregory

City Property / Capital Projects (City Property Issues, Capital Projects)
Ruth Carter (Chair), Sharon Kellum (Vice Chair), James Smith, Karen Roots

Redevelopment (Planning and Zoning, Main Street Program, Historical Preservation)
James Smith (Chair), Timothy Gregory (Vice Chair), Sharon Kellum, Earl Gage