2023 Leaf Pickup Schedule Through December 15th

Leaves will be picked up from the curb on the following days of the week. If route is not completed, it will be finished the next day, time and weather permitting.

Please do not rake leaves into the gutter, rake to the curb line only!

Please move cars so the machine can have access to the curb.

All bagged leaves will be picked up.

Do Not Mix Branches With Leaves – They Will Not Be Picked Up. 

Do Not Put Leaves In The Street.

1st & 3rd Thursday
Craven Avenue, Eakin Street, Fenwick Avenue, Olive Street, Walnut Street, Allen Avenue, Morrison Avenue

2nd & 4th Tuesday
Davis Avenue, Magnolia Street, Salem Manor, Smith Street, West Side Court, Grieves Parkway, Hillcrest Terrace, Glenridge Avenue, Afton Drive, Stratford Drive

1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Carpenter Street, Church Street, Sinnickson Street, Thompson Street, Chestnut Terrace East, Chestnut Terrace West, Hedge Street, Miller Street

1st & 3rd Monday
Fifth Street, Fourth Street, Gibbon Street, Pledger Street, Ward Street, Pearl Street, Wesley Street, Maple Avenue, South Third Street

1,2,3, & 4th Friday
East & West Broadway, Front Street, Grant Street, Griffith Street, Keasbey Street, New Market Street, Market Street

2nd & 4th Thursday
Eighth Street, Hubbell Avenue, Johnson Street, Ninth Street, North Union Street, Seventh Street

2nd & 4th Monday
Chestnut Street, Elm Street, Linden Street, North Elm Street, Oak Street, Union Street, Van Meter Terrace, Yorke Street

Green leaf replicated on white background