Requirements: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and possesses a high school diploma or GED and never had been convicted of a felony.

The New Jersey Department of Personnel administers the entry level testing. Generally, test announcements along with applications come out in January and must be returned shortly thereafter. The applications are processed, and the test is usually administered in the spring. It is strongly recommended that you enroll in a test preparation course before taking any law enforcement exam. The exams are then graded and lists are returned to the agencies ranking applicants by score.

Preference is given to Resident Veterans, then Residents, then County Veterans, then County Residents.

After the applicant passes the test and is chosen, they fill out an application. An exhaustive background investigation is done. Special attention is given to the driving record and any arrests. The applicant must also be of sound moral character and in moderate physical shape.

After the background investigation is completed, the applicant will submit to drug testing and finally a psychological exam.

The applicant is then scheduled for the next police academy and must successfully complete the roughly 24 weeks of training. Once training is complete the candidate will complete at least two months of OJT with a field training officer and complete a one year working test period.