129 West Broadway (Police Station)
Salem, NJ 08079
Phone: 856-935-1734
FAX: 856-935-1439
Harper Ewing, Court Administrator - click to send email

MaryAnne Davis, Deputy Administrator - click to send email

The Court Office is open to the public from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday. They are not available to the public on Fridays. On court days, they are available at the courthouse location.

Court proceedings are held on designated Monday morning’s beginning at 9:00am at the Olde Court House on the corner of Broadway (Rt. 49) and Market Street (Rt. 45), the address is 104 Market Street, Salem NJ 08079. Court usually ends by 1pm but that varies. You must enter through the front door of the Courthouse and go through security screening.

Requests for postponements or adjournments are granted or denied by the Judge. If you are requesting an adjournment please send a written request including your name, address, phone number and the ticket or complaint number. The request should be sent to the Court Administrator with a copy to the Prosecutor. If you can’t send a written request please call the Court Administrator. The Court Administrator will respond after consultation with the Judge and Prosecutor. In the event of an emergency that prevents you from requesting a postponement in advance of the court date call or communicate with the Court Administrator as soon as possible to prevent a warrant being issued or other action being taken against you for non appearance.

Payments: Salem City Municipal Court does not take debit or credit cards for payments at the Violation’s Bureau Window. However, if you are making a payment for a traffic matter, you can visit our website at www.njmcdirect.com and make your payment using debit or credit on the website.

Bad Weather: The Judge decides if Court will be cancelled due to inclement weather or other reasons. If this occurs a notice will be available by recorded message on the Court Office phone number (856) 935-1734.

Andrea Rhea, Municipal Court Prosecutor
17 New Market Street, Salem NJ 08079
Phone: (856) 935-0372 Ext. 213 - ask for Jane Pankok
Email:  arhea@chancemccann.com

The Prosecutor is available for meetings with no prior appointment required on all designated court days in the Municipal Court Prosecutor’s Office located in the rear of the courthouse. On non-court days, meetings with the Prosecutor are available by prior appointment. The Prosecutor usually schedules these appointments between the hours of noon and 3pm on Friday’s, however other days or times can be scheduled if the reserved time is not convenient for you. All non-court day meetings are held in the upstairs conference room at the Salem City Municipal Building Annex located at 17 New Market Street.

To schedule a meeting on a non-court day or otherwise contact the Prosecutor, use the above email address (prosecutor@cityofsalemnj.gov) or call: (856) 935-0372 Ext. 213 - ask for Jane
Pankok, the Prosecutor’s Scheduling Assistant.

Discovery: Pursuant to R. 7:7-7 all requests for discovery must be directed to the Prosecutor not to the Court Administrator. Please email any such request to the Prosecutor at the above email address (e.g. prosecutor@cityofsalemnj.gov ).

To expedite the fulfillment of the request please copy Dominique Callahan, the Salem Police Department’s Municipal Court Discovery Coordinator, via email dcallahan@spd.comcastbiz.net on the request. Discovery will be sent to the Prosecutor by the Coordinator and forwarded to fulfill the request. You do not have to send in a fee or deposit to request discovery, however by requesting discovery you agree to be responsible for all fees and costs permitted pursuant to the R. 7:7-7(i). You will be notified by the Prosecutor if there is to be a charge relating to the fulfillment of a discovery request. Any check in payment thereof should be made out to “Treasurer, ty of Salem”. Generally there is no fee if the request can be fulfilled through email.