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Cow Run 10 Miler
Sunday, October 1, 2017

7:30am : Registration opens
9:00am- Race start, Cowtown Fairgrounds
(Finish Line ~ Market Street, Salem)

Free Bus Transportation to the start line will be provided

Registration, Prizes, and More Info HERE

For more information, contact Chris Davenport or barb@races2run.com

This race retraces the original 10 miles of the 1778 cow run or “Great Cow Chase” of cattle “foraged” from Salem County by American soldiers led by Anthony “Mad Anthony” Wayne. Wayne gathered about 150 Salem County cows in Salem City and headed toward Valley Forge and the starving soldiers on February 23 of that year. We thought about having our race in February but then we thought it might be cold. Anyway the cows were run up Old Kings Highway (which is most of our run) all the way up to the Ben Franklin Bridge, which they couldn’t use yet because they didn'thave EzPass,  so they kept on going up to somewhere they could cross the river - near the present day Tacony-Palmyra Bridge

We think it’s a great story which doesn’t get enough attention, so in honor of those cows who took that one way trip and the great Americans who stole them, we run in a herd . . . back to where they started!